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Welcome to this Webpage and to our program at ABAC.GSB. Welcome to our "WOW" - our "world of work" where in ways we explore and expand our world views, perspectives and processes of leading/managing organizations where everyone is intimately influenced and enmeshed with all the challenges of choices and changes in the world today. This landscape and seascape of dynamic changes and evolving conditions in engaging staff or employees for excellent performance and service in organizations can no longer be addressed by "Leaders, Executives, Managers, Supervisors (LEMS)" by individuals in singular and corporate institutions operating conventional paradigms or mindsets of leadership and management. It is in this context we have designed as we offer our program in Organization Development and Transformation.

In this program both at masteral (MMOD) and doctoral (PhDOD) levels, we invite you to journey with us where to draw the "WOW" - "world of wisdom" in a "world of wonder" as we engage meaningfully with you in "transformative learning and change" (TLC3) as our approach to align and fulfill the University's vision-mission of "Educating intelligences and active minds to change the world". Your world and our world become the content and context of the purpose learning processes utilizing the "WOW" - the whole brain potentials of the whole systems of our organizations in our world of work and relations.

Yes, we invite and enjoin you to engage with us in this exciting, enabling, empowering, enriching and expanding opportunities to lead and manage change with a difference in today’s world of our organizations.

Best wishes and best for all.

Dr. Kitikorn Dowpiset
Director, Organization Development Institute
Graduate School of Business



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